Salcombe Harbour Hotel: The Pearl in the Bay




(Medicine) the use of sea water and marine products as a therapeutic treatment

There’s nothing like a hearty whack of coastal adventures to cure ails you didn’t know you had. I’m no doctor, but surely lungfulls of salty air and the ebb of the tides should be available on prescription to lull weary bodies and restore cells back to health.

When you need the heavy guns to lift your spirits, head to Salcombe – the land of breathtaking sea-to-sky vistas. The pearl in the bay, Salcombe Harbour Hotel is already an indulgent coastal break but book the Estuary View rooms and you can practically dangle your feet in the glowing turquoise water.

You might remember our last stay at Salcombe Harbour Hotel through Nick’s blog post here. A gin-fuelled wild South Hams adventure started out like this:

Fast forward a couple of years and how things have changed. Oh hi there, Elliot…

This time, we planned a more sedate visit, showing our small-fry a taste of luxury while hoping he didn’t come too accustomed to the finer things in life.

As part of the rituals of settling into our home for the weekend, we explored the room with a snifter of complimentary sherry while nosing into every drawer and cupboard to discover all the trimmings of the room.

You could easily while away the day here spying your dream boat, or bird spotting with the in-room binoculars. You could snooze on the balcony or sip on iced spritzers until you work up an appetite for dinner. For us, however, Elliot was keen to scout around chic Salcombe.

After a couple of Nespressos to put the wag back into our tails, we set off seeking adventures. When in Salcombe, it’s not just a good idea but actually compulsory to visit Salcombe Distillery. Surrounded by quirky businesses down Island Street and dreamy views of bobbing boats on the marina, this juniper-scented mecca is the ultimate pit-stop to drink in the sights as the world go by.

After a day of escapades and evening gallivanting, we returned to base and ordered room service from our crisp cloud of a bed. I’m not sure which royal title is designated to a bed this size, but I reckon you could fit a couple of Henry VIIIs next to each other comfortably.

As new parents, gone are the days of lazy breakfasts in bed. Elliot didn’t want to miss a second and insisted we rise with the birds (well, actually a few hours before daybreak but who’s counting). With steaming cups of teas in hand, we bundled up in dressing gowns and watched the empty bay burst into glittering technicolour from our private balcony, imagining what it would like to own a slice of the bay ourselves.

With enough caffeine to find our feet, we padded on down to the spa to give little Elliot his first swim in the glittering pool below decks. Glossy walls that shimmer like mermaid fins, uplit pillars and curvaceous walls set a chic scene for a first dip in the pool.

As if anyone needs an excuse to order up a hearty breakfast, we emerged from the pool with rumbling tummies, so swiftly ordered the breakfast buffet of dreams.

There may be an array of activities on our doorstep, but when you have a private cinema room at your disposal, you have to seize the opportunity. The two and a half of us settled in to a cosy screening, complete with popcorn and pic ‘n mix. The perfect hotel addition for rainy days, lazy mornings and date nights without having to stray far.

As we grudgingly returned our room key, we waved goodbye to our dreamy weekend and bundled in the car back to Topsham. Salcombe Harbour Hotel is well worth a spot on your travel to do list, even if just for a long weekend.

Photography: Nick Hook Photo

Disclaimer: we were kindly invited back to Salcombe Harbour Hotel as guests.

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