Pig & Pallet ribs with cider and maple glaze


4 racks of baby back or belly ribs (ask the butcher to trim)

For the rib rub

100g salt

100g sugar

30g smoked paprika

20g onion powder

15g ground fennel

15g ground coriander

15g ground black pepper

15g garlic powder

5g chipotle powder

5g ground juniper

5g mustard powder

For the rib emulsion

1l Sandford Orchards Devon Red cider

500ml maple syrup

5tbsp demerara sugar

BBQ sauce


Combine all the rib rub ingredients well. Rub the ribs with the mix and set aside for at least 30 minutes, overnight if possible.

Heat the rib emulsion ingredients slowly in a pan to melt the butter. Using a stick hand blender, blitz and season. BBQ the ribs slowly over an indirect heat at 110c-120c for four hours.

Make a tin foil pouch, splitting the emulsion evenly between them. Close the pouch up, allowing a bit of air space so they can steam cook.

Cook in the BBQ or oven at 100c for approx. three hours, depending on the bite you want.

To make the glaze

Reduce the cider in a pan by half, add in the maple syrup and sugar, then simmer, reducing the liquid until the glaze thickens. Once reduced, add an equal quantity of BBQ sauce and set aside to cool.

To serve

Place the ribs on a baking tray or BBQ rack, brush on the glaze and warm for around 10 minutes in the oven before serving.

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